Napa Valley Updates

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here is a letter from a professional Teacher who lives and works on the Big Island. Recallers are claiming schools aren't affected by this mess. Everyone over at the schools this morning, teachers and staff, said he absolutely NAILED IT. (They're afraid to speak up due to the incredible intimidation and bullying).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Editor: I have been following the St. Helena recall election from afar via the Internet. I have been a professional teacher/ administration/coach in a small town like yours for 37 years. I can certainly relate to all the issues.

My heart goes out to all the teachers in the St. Helena Unified School District. The threat of a recall wreaks havoc on faculties of any school. Teachers become weary of parents and parents scrutinize teachers to see which side they are on. Administrators and teachers alike fear for their jobs and worry about the future.

Gossip abounds in the teachers’ lounges. All the focus is taken away from their primary function, preparing young people to enter adulthood.

As attention is drawn away from the classroom guess who suffers the most? Not the egotistical parents who cause the disruptions to both the schools and the community. No, it’s the children.

It appears from what I’ve read that there has been neither personal gain, nor crimes of any kind perpetuated by the St. Helena School Board. Clearly, this is simply about differences in policy and attitudes regarding personnel. These are not impeachable offenses that rise to the level of a recall.

I cannot emphasize the amount of damage you all are doing to your children and your community. Someone has to start acting like adults.

I hope the responsible leaders of the community and all the voters will step forward and bury this recall attempt by a wide margin. You should send a message that this is not the way citizens in small communities treat one another. For the sake of your children, I employ you to defeat this recall or else it will be blight on your community for years to come.

Stan Dzura

Ka’u/South Point, Hawaii