Napa Valley Updates

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Michael Haley has come up with some interesting stuff regarding Napa County and its contract negotians with the unions. This letter of his may be of interest to you. Check out the web sites.

Dear NVTA:
I am working my way through Mike Parness's budget document that is going to be presented to the Napa City Council and community tonight.
They say that they have gotten $470,000 in concessions from four of the six unions so far, a very small amount in terms of the overall budget, (about 1% of $48 million in compensation) yet the plan includes a 5% increase in salaries for this year and a 6% increase in 08-09! What good does it do to get a tiny decrease then hand it all back and more right away!
And wow, that is big, way more than inflation is expected to be and certainly more than what average salary increases in Napa will be for the taxpayers who have to pay for all this.
See page 1-18 or PDF page number 28 of the below document:
The Ca DOT financial forecast predicts a 1.3% increase in wages in general in Napa for the five years of 2006 through 2010.
Bay Area inflation/CPI numbers over the last five years have averaged below 3%, even below 2%. Here are the specific numbers for 2002 through 2005, 2006 has not been calculated for the Bay Area yet, but the national number is 3.2%. Bay Area has been below national for several years now and it is likely that 2006 will be lower than that 3.2%.
2002 1.6%
2003 1.8%
2004 1.2%
2005 1.96%