Napa Valley Updates

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A message from Bill Dodd Regarding the Measure I fiasco

After Measure H last June, I thought the last election that I would work would be my own in June 2008. Well, that was not to be. I have come to the conclusion that Measure I is so bad for our community that staying out of this race and not telling the public what is really happening here would be a complete dereliction of duty on my part as a County Supervisor.

In short, Measure I is a boondoggle with no plan, no budget, no priorities nor mandates. It creates a permanent bureaucracy that will have the same taxing authority as the Board of Supervisors and does nothing the County couldn't do with a Parks Department. And it will surely have to raise taxes in the future in order to survive, and the proponents know this but are misleading the County by saying it will involve no new taxes.

Doing nothing on this will be a disaster as the ballot question is simple, misleading and phrased in a way that would have the voters think this is as simple as motherhood and apple pie. Check it out further at

We have to get the word out and we need your help. We have been out there talking and it is clear that the campaign to Stop Measure I is gaining momentum. By simply informing people we have shifted the Napa Chamber from a likely Yes position to neutral, and this week we were able to convince the Napa Valley Vintner's not to support it despite the fact that two strong Measure I supporters were on their legislative committee.

Please join the Committee to Stop Measure I at a fund raiser at the River Inn, 505 Lincoln Avenue in Napa this Wednesday for drinks and appetizers.

We need your support. If you wish to support us and can't be there, please send a check made out to:

The Committee to Stop Measure I

Mail to:

Michael Haley

5442 Washington St.

Napa, Ca 94558

In closing, I want to say how much I appreciate each of your support of my endeavors over the years. I would not ask of you if I didn’t think it would be equally important to you and to Napa County.

Please forward this to likely supporters and let's have some fun on Wednesday! Thank you very much and I hope to see you there!

Bill Dodd